Looking for a greener family vacation destination that is both full of fun and educational for the children? Then look no further. Farm Mor Por is your answer. Get away from the bursting pollution and crowds of Bangkok and back to nature and fresh mountain air. Imagine your children without the iPhone, iPads and Androids. Wouldn't that be the day?
At Farm Mor Por they will be too busy for those hi-tech stuffs and this is what they will be doing:
Running around collecting freshly laid free-range eggs and feeding the animals instead of queuing up at the indoor theme park.
Hiking in Khao Yai National Park instead of shopping in the malls.
Riding horses instead of being stuck for hours in Bangkok traffic.
Jumping off a cliff into clear cool natural creek instead of swimming laps in a chlorinated pool.
Sorry, I almost forgot to introduce myself, I'm Dr. Nopadol Saropala, a OB-Gyn practicing in Bangkok. Incidentally in Thai Mor means doctor and Por is my nickname, hence Farm Mor Por.
Horses are my passion and nothing would please me more than sharing what I love with all of you. Farm Mor Por is a real working horse farm with a difference.
Unlike most farms where usually there is just one breed of horses, here we have as many as ten breeds. In this respect we are more like a horse zoo than a horse farm.

It all began as a hobby for me. In 2010, I bought a few Thai ponies to try out. Within a couple of years my passion for horses (my friends said it's more like an addiction) grew into a collection of more than 70 of them, all imported from the UK, USA, Spain and Holland. Of the ten breeds, five are ranked among the top ten most beautiful breeds. These are Arabian, Andalusian, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner and Rocky Mountain. We also have the three largest horse breeds namely the Shire, the famous Budweiser Clydesdale and the Belgian draft horse. These are in striking contrast to our American miniature horses. Standing at only 80cms they are the smallest breed in the world.

Apart from horses you'll bump into many other farm animals wandering all over the place. These include 300 free-range chickens, teacup pigs, goats, ducks and geese.

Whether just for a day visit, a weekend retreat or longer vacation you’ll find there is so much to do at Farm Mor Por. A typical day starts with collecting fresh free-range eggs from the coop and cooking them for breakfast. Then,how about a pony/horse ride or spending an hour getting a riding lesson? And when it’s too hot to be outdoor we can take you for a swim in a nearby creek where you can jump off a five-meter high cliff into the clear, cool water below. Throughout the day, the children are most welcome to help our staffs with their daily chores feeding the horses and chickens, washing and grooming the horses, or even getting involved in training them.
Being a breeding farm, there are always newborn foals for you to enjoy and if opportunities arise we’ll make sure you see an ultrasound examination of a horse fetus inside its mother’s womb. WOW! That’s something you don’t get to see very often. Also you are quite likely to see one of our stallions covering mares. This could be your children first lesson on S…!
In the evening you might like to go on a two-hour night safari excursion up on Khao Yai National Park where there are wild elephants as well as monkeys and dears to be sighted. The park is only 15 kms from the farm and offers plenty of activities for nature enthusiasts. Back at Farm Mor Por the night can be wrapped up sleeping with the windows wide open breathing in the fresh mountain air.
What you’ll find fascinating about Khao Yai is the climate. Being 420 meters (where Farm Mor Por is situated) higher than Bangkok the climate is cool all year round. In winter, people flock to this area in the thousands just to have a chance to wear their jumpers. The temperature can get as low as 12 degree Celsius. In the summer although the daytime can be quite hot, the evening hours are always surprisingly cool and you seldom need to turn on the air–conditioning.
And guess what? Farm Mor Por is only 2.5 hour drive to the northeast of Bangkok. So if you and your family want to get away from the hot polluted concrete jungle of Bangkok then come to the real jungle of Khao Yai National Park where the air is fresh and clean and spend quality times with us, at Farm Mor Por.
“Once you’ve visited, you and your family would definitely want to come back.”
Farm Mor Por has three types of accommodation
A rustic barn with a bedroom accommodating up to 4 people and a spacious loft which sleeps a further 6-8 people. This is a “back to basic” type house with no air-conditioning as you won’t need it. Due to its local microclimate and elevation the evenings in Khao Yai National Park are always cool, even in the hottest summer months. Give your lungs a much needed break from the city’s smog and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Another pleasant surprise here is the absence of mosquitoes, though mosquito nets are provided all the same. There are two bathrooms and a kitchenette.
A modern style two-bedroom house with air-conditionings. This house can accommodate up to 8 people. Each bedroom has an en suite bathroom. Two extra toilets (one with a shower) are also available.
The tree house Each of the two rooms sleeps 4 people with A/C and en suits bathroom.
Mirasierra Boutique Bed & breakfast If you find staying at my farm a little too adventurous and rustic why not look at my boutique hotel as an alternative. Elegant and comfortable this beautiful Andalusian-Hacienda style boutique lodging offers only 9 rooms and of course a horsecierge service just like at the farm.

I like to think of the world as a giant classroom. Learning can and should happen everywhere. Farm Mor Por can provide excellent productive hands-on learning experiences for students of all ages. Having spent most of my life as a lecturer at a Medical School, I am confident that my out of class teaching program will be beneficial. If possible I'll be doing much of the teaching myself. The field trip agenda and other programs can be customized. For international students language should not be a problem as I am fluent in English, having spent 20 years studying and working in the UK.

The followings are some of the knowledge and experiences students will acquire during their stay

Free-range and organic!!!......these terms are banded about ubiquitously these days, but do we really know what they mean? Using our 300 free-range laying hens as a study tool, students will leave the chicken coop not only with fresh delicious eggs but also with a better understanding of what these two words mean or equally important what they do not mean.

  • Brief history of horses including the various breeds.
    We have ten breeds for illustrations.
  • How to train a horse.
  • Horse care and feeding.
  • How a horse think.

The objective here is not to turn students into “horse whisperers” but rather to introduce to them the concept of rational and logical thinking. Horses are simply tools used to deliver this message across. During my training as a medical student we were always taught to understand how and more importantly why things happen the way they do and that there are logical reasons for everything. I would use the same method of teaching for your students. Emphasis is put on problem solving exercise and not just on memorizing.

“Horses can educate and benefit children in a way no other animal can”
Studies have shown that children with opportunities to look after horses have more :

The skills children learn from training and caring for a horse will stay with them forever, not only will it help with their own development but also it will help them learn how to act in social situations.

There is also no doubt that horses can be of great benefit to children with emotional and behavioral issues. In order to properly care for a horse new skills have to be developed. The process of developing these skills can help children who are impatient, anxious, or have low self-confidence.

Under strict supervision students will have plenty of opportunities to handle the horses themselves.

And here is a real treat. We’ll show students a rare opportunity to see a living horse fetus inside its mother’s womb using ultrasound examinations performed by the vet. Even adults get excited about this.

Sex education: there is a good chance you’ll see one of our stallions covering the mares.

Hayride into the surrounding fields and plantations. Do you know where the various fruits and vegetables you see in the supermarket come from? Well, we’ll take you on a hayride to the local orchards and plantations to see the fruits and vegetables as they are before appearing in the supermarket.

We have an affiliation with The Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Arrangements with the director, Dr. Alongkot can be made for students to attend and take part in various activities available, which often include field trips to Khao Yai National Park.

Well, as described above there is so much to do and more to learn at Farm Mor Por. But it isn’t just education we offer here. Please have a look at our list of activities. You’ll see how much fun and entertainment we have installed for you. How about jumping off a five - meter high cliff into the clear cool water of Lum Ta Kong creek?

To get most of the field trip the number of students participating should be between 10-15, within the ages of 8-13 years.

Farm Mor Por offers customized riding camps for children of all levels of abilities from age 6-15. A typical program includes lessons in the arena, playing games on horsebacks and trail ridings as well as learning all about stable management. We work closely with Rick Albertson, a former Olympic dressage coach whose 30 years experience ensure that your children will gain experience, confidence.... and tons of fun at the same time.

Apart from riding lessons children will enjoy the usual farm life, feeding the animals, going on hayrides and swimming at the nearby creek. Safety is taken very seriously both on and off horsebacks. All activities are closely supervised by our experienced and friendly staffs. Children sleep in dormitories accompanied by one of the female staffs. Each riding camp program is individually designed after a lengthy discussion between parents and Mor Por. We would only take up to 9 children at a time.

An unforgettable experience…on the majestic Andalusian and Friesian horses. Our 1.5-hour trail ride passes through scenic corn and tapioca plantations and vegetable plots as well as some thick wooded areas. There will be plenty of opportunities to canter and therefore some riding experience is essential. After harvesting time competent riders will undoubtedly enjoy a full gallop up wide-open fields. Safety is of paramount importance to us and our staffs will accompany you throughout the trail. Through the ride we’ll make few stops where our ground staffs (following us on ATVs) will provide you with refreshments. This will also give the horses the much-needed rest. Be it slow and leisurely or fast and furious your ride can be tailor-made to suit you.

One of the major highlights of this trail is the rare opportunity for you to ride on majestic Andalusian and Friesian horses imported from Spain and the Netherlands respectively. Horse of Kings and nobility the Andalusians are extremely elegant. The Friesians too are graceful and unique in having just one coat colour, which is jet black. Put a pair of wings on one of these magnificent horses and you’ll be gliding on Pegasus. With long and abundant wavy manes both breeds are spectacular to look at. In ancient time they were extensively used as war horses carrying knights into battles. It is thus so fitting that most epic movies use these horses. Riding them will give you immense pleasure. With high knee action they will thunder across the field. You’ll look and feel like Russell Crowe in the film Robin Hood or Collin Farrell in Alexander the Great!!

When I said this is a rare opportunity I really mean it because there are only a handful of these wonderful and costly horses in Thailand. Most owners are so possessive. Frankly speaking nobody in their right mind would let you ride them… But I do!

* Helmets are provided on requests and bringing your own suitable riding gear (gloves and boots etc.) is highly recommended.
* Please book in advance for this ride.
* Minimum number of riders is two.

Horse riding for beginners should be fun and exciting. We offer riding classes for beginners. Lessons are an hour long. However it’s very important you come to the lesson in proper riding gear. Full-length jeans covering your ankles are essential. If they are the only shoes available then sneakers are permitted, though riding boots with heels are preferable. Helmets will be provided. After the first few introductory lessons, the real fun begins when you are taken on short, easy rides in the nearby woods. From then on, a whole new world of adventure will be opened up to you.

Pony rides into the nearby woods are always very popular among children visiting our farm. The ride lasts 30 minutes and each pony is led by one of our competent and friendly staffs. Parents are welcomed to walk along with their children but please keep a safe distance as loud noises and sudden movements can sometimes frighten the ponies.

This is an all time favourite activity among children. We have 400 free-range laying hens. Each day approximately 250 eggs are laid. It’s always a challenge to snatch eggs from underneath roosting hens. Do you know that free-range eggs not only taste better but they are a lot more nutritious than factory/caged eggs?

We can take you on a 1-1.5 hour hayride into the surrounding orchards and plantations. Depending on time of the year you and your family will see various kinds of fruits and vegetables besides just having fun on the tractor.

Feeds for the animals can be purchased from our staffs. For health reasons please do not feed our animals with food other than that provided by the farm. Horses for instance can eat grass all day long but will be very ill and can die if too much horse feed is given.

Wet & Wild : On request you and your children can help us wash and groom our ponies and horses, and even the teacup pigs too.

There is no better way to spend a hot afternoon than plunging into the cool and clear water of Lumtakong creek. After a 15-minute car ride you’ll arrive at the perfect spot for taking a dip in the natural creek. The location offers both a shallow, knee - deep area for very small children to play and splash around in with safety, as well as deeper section overlooked by a 5-meter cliff. This ledge offers older children and adults a safe place to jump and dive into the creek. For the thrill seekers a large overhanging tree offers a vantage point for a 12-meter jump into the pool below.

"A home away from city. As expats it is hard to find somewhere in a new country that resonates with home and I only wish we had found Farm Mor Por a lot sooner. The wonderful opportunity to spend with animals and ride beautiful horses in open fields makes you forget the concrete jungle of the city. There are golf courses nearby so this is the perfect getaway for my husband and I. He plays golf and I get to ride the horses. We loved it so much we are trying to come back as many times as we possibly can before we leave Thailand"
Karen....New Zealand
"Farm Mor Por is fantastic! There aren't many places you can go in the world and ride such beautiful horses. The scenery was great and riding back to the farm at sunset is an experience I will never forget. The farm is lovely with animals of all kinds running around which the children (big and small) loved. The atmosphere is relaxed and everybody is friendly. Close enough to Bangkok for a weekend visit but I'd recommend stay longer if you can!"
Fiona....New Zealand
"Farm Mor Por is one of the best things that ever happened to me"
Sofia Windsor-Clive, age 10.
"Coming to your farm marked a very important moment for me personally. 10 yrs ago after an operation on herniated disk I was told I could never ride again but I got to ride 2 of your outstanding horses at your farm. Thank you."
Catherine Clover, USA.

We currently have on offer foals, yearlings, colts and fillies of our Andalusians, Friesians, and Gypsy Vanners at reasonable prices. Many of the Friesian foals are of superb quality because their dams were inseminated with top class prize winning studs in Holland prior to being flown to Farm Mor Por.

Unlike all other horse farms in Thailand we specialize in breeding these three wonderful breeds which are arguably the most beautiful horse breeds in the world. Not only are they eye catchers and head turners but they are great for riding too. Gypsy cobs are placid and are great with children. Andalusians and Friesians will definitely give you immense riding pleasure. Both breeds are popular for dressage. They are quick to learn and have superb temperament.

We also have mares and one or two stallions for sale. Basic training can be provided on request.

*Please contact Mor Por for further information and pricing.


Highlights of Khao Yai National Park

The third largest National Park of Thailand Khao Yai, a Unesco World Heritage site is just a stone throw in the north east direction of Bangkok. Khao Yai which literally means big mountain covers an area of 2,168 sq.km.

Due to its proximity to Bangkok, being only 2.5 hours by car the park is very popular at weekends especially in winter (Nov-Feb) when the climate is so refreshing and very cool.

Wildlife: The park is full of animals. A British school teacher who is a patient of mine swore she once saw a crocodile near one of the waterfalls. More recently in June 2014 during a drive through the park my son spotted not only elephants, deer and monkeys but also a bear. So I suppose with a bit of luck it isn’t too difficult to see some wild animals here. Khao Yai is also great place for bird watching, especially for hornbills. Gaur, the largest of all the wild cattle and an endangered species, is another main attraction of the park.

The great roads in and around the National Park also make it a very popular biking destination.

White-water rafting is available in fast flowing rivers of Prachinburi Province in the south side of the Park.

Khao Yai also offers some of the best hiking options in Thailand, with a number of different trails to choose from.

For more information on Khao Yai National Park you can just googled it.

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